Tuesday, September 20, 2005

The NY Times' Suicidal Betrayal

Here's a copy of the letter I e-mailed the Times in response to the paper's suicidal move to make its columnist page part of a $50 a year subscription service called, bone-headedly "Times Select". For those, like me, who read the columns as a way to procrastinate the unpleasant tasks of the day, this is a horrible betrayal. Columns are the only thing the Gray Lady does better than the L.A. Times, and now, I have no reason to log onto their website.

Dear Editor and Public Editor,
How dare you take your columnists away from Web Readers! I have read the OP-ED columnists every day for several years online, but I absolutely refuse to pay for it! Just when you were starting to recover from the Jayson Blair incidents, you shoot yourself in the foot with a greedy scheme that is sure to lose you millions of readers and millions of dollars in ad revenue.
Mark my words, you will be able to trace the Times complete loss of relevance back to the time you started charging a subsciption fee for your op ed page. Shame on you, your marketing department and anyone else who signed off on this suicidal idea.
a former reader,
Rick Mortensen


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